How does Bitcode work?

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Bitcode allows users to initiate and complete payment orders by creating payment requests/invoices or generating payment vouchers. Bitcode is identified by a reference number called BitBarter Bitcode Reference (BBR) Number.

Bitcode Invoices: 

Anyone can receive Bitcode invoices created and sent by a BitBarter user just by using the payer's email (and the payer doesn't need to be a Bitbarter user).

- Bitcode invoices can be fulfilled in several ways:

  • Invoice payments can be made on-chain (i.e. pay to Bitbarter from any wallet that is not Bitbarter's wallet, e.g. Trustwallet, Metamask, Binance, Paxful etc) by sending the required funds to the wallet address provided on the invoice. Payers don't necessarily have to be BitBarter accounts. Visit for more info.

  • Payments can be made from BitBarter's wallet using the BitBarter Bitcode Reference.

Bitcode Vouchers: 

Only BitBarter users can create and send Bitcode vouchers to the voucher receiver's email. The voucher receiver can be a BitBarter user or non-BitBarter user but to redeem the voucher the receiver must then register because the voucher must be paid into his BitBarter wallet. Voucher receivers also get that Voucher PIN which they use in redeeming the voucher.

This solution is designed by BitBarter to foster financial inclusion and to do so by enabling micropayments.

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